Learn About Russia Before Russian Date


Travel With Your Beautiful Russian Girl It is good to ask yourself how much you know about Russia before you decide to date Russian girls or when you are dating. So it is necessary for you to learn something about Russia and make full preparation for your online dating with Russian beauties


General Knowledge Of Russia

Russia is the biggest country in the world.It has such a large size that it borders the most countries. Also in the vast country, it boasts 12 seas and 22 rivers. It is the mixed unit of many countries. Here you can see desert, glaciers, valleys, oldest mountains, and many other wonderful sightseeing. 


Whether In Russia

It is a continental climate in Russian. So it has distinct cold winter and warm summer. Also due to the vast zones, it has a great gap of temperatures in different places of Russia. It may range from 25 centi degrees below zero to 32 centi degrees.



Most of the Russian people are the believers of Russian Orthodox. Religion has played a great role in Russia ad we can see from most of the famous churches. If you travel to Russia, you may get some knowledge about the taboos in Russian religions so that you can avoid being embarrassed. When you come to Russia, always remember to respect their beliefs.  

Cultural Differences

There are some unique traditions and customs in Russia. For example, even numbers are considered unlucky while Russian people like odd numbers. They like flowers. They don't like people to say words that are flattering meanings on health like you looks healthy. It is regarded as the words will bring about the opposite effects. Of course, there are many other beliefs. You can ask advice from your Russian girlfriend while chatting online.  



Most people speak Russian, the official language. Nowadays, students in colleges learn English. So you don't need to worry about language difficult when communicating with your gorgeous Russian women. 


Some Guidelines For Russian Travel

While dinning out with your girl, you should know this piece of information. It is normal for tipping in restaurants. In general, it is between 10% and 15%. 

Hotel And Taxi

The prices can be negotiated. It saves money to order train station or airport while you book a hotel. Some hotels provide Internet access. If not you can also find many Internet cafes. 
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