Multiracial Relationship

By michelle      2011-11-05

Multiracial relationship is when two people of different ethnic backgrounds are a couple, also known as interracial relationship. It can be a couple where one is Hispanic and the other is Asian, for example. As society becomes increasingly multiethnic and as multiracial relationships continue to rise, society may begin to look more alike than different. However, there are challenges associated with being. Multiracial couples have must deal with additional trouble than those  common couples:

Family Pressure

You may be the happiest couple who gets along just fine when you are together, but some members of your family may not be as enthusiastic about your relationship as you are. In fact, you may never know who in your family-or your partner's family-has negative feelings about your multiracial relationship until they interact with you.

Societal Pressure

Where you live will have a considerable impact on whether your relationship experiences public scrutiny. In some parts of the country, multiracial relationships are far less common-and less accepted-than in more heterogeneous areas. For example, it was only in the year 2000 that Bob Jones University in South Carolina finally removed its ban on interracial dating.

Cultural Differences

Culture plays a large role in how we experience life and what expectations we have. Couples of the same ethnic background can have a difficult time understanding each other-so an ethnically diverse couple should expect an even greater challenge. If you don't understand why your partner acts a certain way, it could just be his or her personality, but it might be cultural influences instead.

Religious Differences

Any couple may have different religious backgrounds, whether drastically different, such as a Christian dating a Buddhist, or it can be more subtle, like a Presbyterian dating a Methodist. The chances are greater, however, for a multiracial couple to have drastically different religions, which can definitely make the relationship more complicated.

Overcome these Obstacles

While a multiracial couple may have more challenges, there are things that can be done to improve the chances of having a happy, long-lasting relationship.

1. Communicate about everything. You've probably heard that communication is very important for relationships and that is true. A multiracial couple needs to communicate as much as, and probably more than, other couples.

2. Spend time around friends and family. If you have friends or family who are prejudiced toward your partner, try and purposefully spend time with that person or persons. Most prejudices are born out of fear of the unknown-so make your partner and your relationship known to them.

3. Consider moving. If you live in a part of the country that is less tolerant of your relationship, consider moving. Living in a place where your relationship is not judged by your neighbors will feel very refreshing.

4. Celebrate your differences. You are bound to have cultural differences in a multiracial relationship, so celebrate them. If you have different ways of doing things, pick and choose or create something new. For example, if you have different ways of celebrating holidays, come up with an idea that combines the most important aspects of each other's practices into a brand new tradition that you both will enjoy.

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