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Online since: 2011 is a Russian and Eastern European dating site that allows global members to be matched with compatible singles from Russia, Ukraine and other Eastern European countries. Here y...More >>
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A wonderful experience
By Bob | French Guiana        2018-01-25
Rating on CharmDate :      
I’ve been chatting with a girl I met here and it’s so amazing how we connected . As time passes by, we realize how much in common we have, and we are both hopeful that something good will come out of this. Thank you charmdate!……More>>
Look for a girl seriously
By JIris | United States        2013-07-25
Rating on CharmDate :      
I have joined the site for some time and hope to find the girl for me. I found the site very good. There are many ways you can choose to get connected with your favorite girl.……More>>
I can not add credits to my account
By William R Wilson | United States        2012-12-14
Rating on CharmDate :      
I am a member and I found the LOVE of my life! I have tried to add credits to my account, but the page keeps referring me to what it always does... So, I picked the number of credits "I" want and no response...ARE YOU GUYS LOCKED UP ????????????????????? Sincerely, Looking for C461095, My Girl!!!……More>>
if you look
By edwell | United States        2012-10-11
Rating on CharmDate :      
This site is expensive, but what would i pay to meet my soulmate? any price, I have found a women that i am talking with and things are going well, she hasn't asked me for anything other then my love. so you can waste your time and money talking to women whom you are mildly intrested in or search deligently for the ONE. as i did. I hope it works out so far so good. the reason a……More>>
By Selin | Cote D'Ivoire        2012-09-08
Rating on CharmDate :      
Years and years ago, I was in a bar and all of a sudden was ielvvond in a deep conversation with a woman who seemed very interested.Either she suddenly started bugging me, or I had too much to drink, but when the inevitable question came as to "what I do", I told her that I was unemployed. I wasn't unemployed at all. There was a complete 180-degree flip. She made small talk on ……More>>
The site is fine, the agencies are the problem.
By Adam | United Kingdom        2012-03-07
Rating on CharmDate :      
I decided to use this site after previously using Chnlove in 2006.
The site is set up to maximise the site owner's profit. He has no duty of care to you.
The agencies use your eagerness to have contact with girls to make money from you

As usual I have been bombarded by contact from supermodels, girls more than 20 years younger than me, very tall girls (I'm not tall), singl……More>>
So far....
By Tom | United States        2012-03-02
Rating on CharmDate :      
So good. This site is connected to through qpid, and I got qpid through a local dating site that I have been using for years. I know that chnlove has been around for a long time and has built a great reputation. I do not think that they would jeopardize their reputation by linking with a less than reputable site from the Ukraine. That is just my first gut reacti……More>>
Success Stories-Picture Changes-Closed Profiles
By Claude | Switzerland        2012-02-23
Rating on CharmDate :      
I hate that I stranded on this site right before I actually wanted to buy credits on charmingdate to return my first letter to a stunning young lady that responded to my cupid note. Yes I was suspicious mainly because of these reasons:
1. There are no success stories published ... this is usually good advertising and chnlove does have them.
2. I managed being registered for 6……More>>
Half Past Eight
By WLM | United States        2012-02-20
Rating on CharmDate :      
This is a pretty costly site, and it does seem that the vast majority of the photos are professionally taken (model-like). I spent $42.00 in about 20 minutes; and don't even know if the lady I chatted with was real. Take it for what it is worth, about the same cost of buying a couple of drinks to an attractive lady at the bar; but I know she is for real……More>>
Ask yourself these questions
By Tellus | Sweden        2012-02-05
Rating on CharmDate :      
1. Why are all the girls looking like models on this site.(hand-picked?)
2. How come many of them are online 24/7 when on their profile says,
for example..working in bank or lawyer..
3. How come all the girls answer your interest of notification and
tell you how interesting you are when on other "normal" sites with almost no
beautiful "models" maybe at the best 5 out of 1……More>>
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