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By edwell | United States
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This site is expensive, but what would i pay to meet my soulmate? any price, I have found a women that i am talking with and things are going well, she hasn't asked me for anything other then my love. so you can waste your time and money talking to women whom you are mildly intrested in or search deligently for the ONE. as i did. I hope it works out so far so good. the reason as i have concluded for the price, is to keep pervs from wasting these ladys time from finding their one, plus the legal protection for internet dating, and the translation services and upkeep for the site im sure is all part of the cost and they still have to make a profit. Yes some women just want to get out of their country, and would be happy with any man here in the US, so you ought to feel pretty proud if such an amazing women is willing to settle for a rough guy here. and as i understand men don't treat women well in their country, and arnt intrested in serious longterm relations, so if you are, then you should have 100s of women vieing for you attention thats all any women wants. and a women that is outside of your profile specifacations may still want to try to get your attention, whats wrong with that? she is intrested in you! women pick their man, however in this men have the chance to select the women WE want, so this gives us men the edge to pick. NICE!! i recieved admireir mails for about a month, until i found the women i wanted to be with.
be selective in your choice, know exectly what kind of women you are searching for, if you are all about looks just go with any pretty face, if you want a smart women, if you want a religious women, age specifics, USE THE SERCH CRITERA, this will nerrow your choices down for you to know who you like, then send them cupids, and wait.. also make a really detailed profile for yourself to save sending 100 letters explaining who YOU are, becasue of course they will want to know.. also, think about it, what she is willing to sacrafice to be with you.. willing to give up her carrer, family, friends.. so im sure she wants to make sure YOU are worth it. so make sure you do all the free foot work..then go from there!!

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November 10th,2012 at 11:26 PM
By Ricero | Belgium
Hi Edwell ,

It is good , that you have this idea about the site.Because I believe that you may have just found it.I have been a bit longer on it.I will tell about my recent travel , to meet a lady , with whom I was communicating with.

When I got over there , it was not the lady from the pictures.And surely not the lady , from the so-called daily photos , that " she" had sent me , in her letters.Futhermore , she was a bit younger , than the age , of the " person - he or she " , who had been sending me these letters.And/or what was written in her profile.In fact , she did not even recognize me , but I was standing next to her!!!How is that for a date.I didn`t recognize her either.Will explain further in the text.

So , just after 3 meetings , I called it a day , and didn`t wanted to see her again.This is what I told the translator.For your info , the first meeting did not take place , at the agencies office.In fact I never got any agencies address.All communication went through the translator.

Well then you are stuck , and you can go spend the days on your own.But luckily enough , I had access to the internet.So , I decided to up my chances , and try to find another woman to meet.To make a long story short , I did find another lady.Through another agency , and it was possible , to have a meeting with her.

This time the lady was ,as in her profile.It was a great first date , and we both were rather pleased , with how it went.So , the remaining time of my stay there , we went out , as much as possible.We have exchanged our personal info , and now we are emailing with each other.

Of course , I will go back , to continue to get to know each other better.All in all , I believe that we are on a positive basis.But time will tell.Making phone calls is a bit difficult , because it is way too expensive for her.She has no good computer and no Skype.

Maybe I got lucky.Who can say.But while I was dating with her there , yes , I got another letter from "her" , through the Charmimg Date site.Starting with " Hello my dear , --------- etc , wishing you nice weekends".

When I asked her if she had send me a letter , seeing her reaction , she didn`t know what I was talking about.Then the translator quickly answered , yes.I said , I didn`t expected this , because she can call me , and we are seeing each other now.So , why would "she" send me this short and vague letter?After this , I didn`t got anymore letters from , through the Charming date site.

The other thing , that I have verified , is that "she" is on the chat , while she is in a cab , to come to meet me.And when she went back home , with the cab , "she" is still on-line.Now that is something , which I cannot realize.How hard I would try.I knew that she was working , and she has to get up very early.But still "she" was on-line , until 01.00AM in the morning.Or sometimes longer.

Yes, I have spent some money on the Charming Date site , in the past months.And I am sure , that there are ladies , who are genuine and real.Proven by the lady , that I have met.But you won`t know , which one it would be.And in my opinion , that is just a too big gamble to take.

I would advise , to go overthere , and make arrangements for meetings with ladies , while you are in the place.It is really the most safest and easiest way , to know if you are dealing with a real person.And that you will meet that woman , that you have interest in.

Just to let you know

Take care

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