Online Dating: How to Write the First Email

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Fair to say, usually individuals using online dating are those who may not be well enough to express themselves. If you are the introvert type, you may be a little bit afraid of breaking the ice. Don’t worry. When you meet your someone special on the site already, probably you are getting excited to see him or her next. But how can you initiate a conversation?

What should be the best approach?

Opportunities come to you already as you set an eye on a profile. But what should be the approach after you say a “hi” and “how are you”? These usual chat-up lines are normal for a lot of people. But of course, when you only receive a “hi, I’m fine” without any further conversation, you probably fail. Then, you should have another way to go about it.

Talk about the profile

After saying “hi”, you may talk a little bit more about what he or she mentions in the profile. It can be the habits, interests, things they like. You may first talk about these things to your potential mate first, if you don’t get the response actively.

Let the conversation flow normally

Take care when chatting up that you don't come on too strong as your date could find this intimidating. You also need to remember that men and women are different. So if you are a man and would like to initiate a conversation with a woman, you probably need to take it slow, and gives certain respect as most women are more into a man who is gentle. If you are a woman who would like to go out with a guy, you also need to know that men function on a different level to women when talking.

Match your listener's mood

You may feel a little bit indifferent when you hear something which doesn’t sound interesting to you. So, here you have to take care of the conversation a little bit more. Take care of the tone, the words and the time that he or she responds to you. By observing these, you can simply judge whether he or she is interested in you or not. You don’t have to agree on everything that he or she said. But in most cases, give certain room and respect to the people you communicate with.

Be genuine

When you have engaged your potential date in conversation, please be genuine and show your real interest in what the other person is saying. There is no need to over-stay your welcome. Remember, there should be no pressure.

Be positive

Remember, you are selling yourself when you both communicate. Be positive and remember you're selling yourself on the first date. And finally, you’ve worked hard to get this date, so think happy and enjoy yourself!

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