First date idea: Clothes you should wear on the first date

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Impress – it is a very important word for you on a first date as a general rule. Forget how you were not aware of your appearance in the past, now it is a date and you should try your best to tell who you are. Appearance at this point is important – because it will see whether there will be a second date or more.

Depends on where you go, you have to be careful about your clothing selection. Is it a world-renowned restaurant? If yes, then dress more properly, a suit won’t go wrong. If it is a local fast food chain, be relaxed and casual wear will do. Still have no idea about what you should wear? Here we got some tips.

If you are a guy, leather jacket with a pair of dark jeans, plus a pair of leather shoes won’t go wrong. You won’t be rejected in a classier restaurant while it is perfectly fine to stay on the street and eat hot dog. Of course, to make sure that you comply with the rules, you are advised to check the required dress code of the restaurant you are going to in order to avoid embarrassment. No shorts or sweaters.

For a woman, a nice pair of classy pants, a matching shirt and elegant shoes would be safe enough in all occasions. A little make-up and clean hair are simple enough to show your character.

For a public event like theatre or movie, you better know what kind of shows you are about to go to. Decide with your partner what tone you want to set for the show, which should correspond to the event itself. For a more classic one, like classical music or opera, you better wear a more formal one. If the show is about drama or other dance theatre, smart casual will do.

For other occasions, the golden rule is to have your own style. Simply wear the clothes that suit you and make you feel comfortable. Style is not about wearing designer labels, having that ‘must-have’ accessory that all the celebrities have or following the latest trends. You only need some confidence and be self-aware, then you will be able to make the most of what you have. Simply concentrate on your good aspects and you will look good and have genuine appeal.

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