Biggest turn-on in the online dating world

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Online daters perhaps are a bit different from meeting someone face-to-face, because you only look at how a guy or girl looks, and you can only read his or her profile. So, if you really want to know how to increase your chance of success, we do tell you the biggest turn-on for online daters. Here are some tips.

1. Good Smile

A smile never turns away people. Post your photo with a smile on the profile. A good smile means a funny sense of humor and witty charm. We do like people who smile and laugh a lot. A lovely warm and relaxed smile makes your day.

2. Show your intelligence

Definitely intelligence can be the biggest turn on for both men and women. If you read a piece which stands out from thousands of profiles, it definitely adds more charms and everybody loves it. Fill your profile with lines that are so unique and only be written by you, instead of saying you are “funny”, “down-to-earth”.

3. Keep your facts straight

Nobody wants to play mind games. The most common way to deal with everything is to keep facts straight. Nobody thinks that it is wrong to tell truth, and no one would love to sacrifice ourselves by telling lies.

4. Sex appeal is important

Writing a fun and specific lines with some sex appeal is interesting. But be careful, don’t write it cheaply or you may draw attentions from unexpected people. Add photo which can show your unique features, be it your dark skin color or red head. Your features in certain extent are something specific about you.

5. Be supportive

Sure you want your partner to be a good friend who can help you straighten out your problems. We want to attract the kind of people who will be interested in you as a person, not just as a sex object. So, try to be supportive and find someone who is supportive too. It is a great way to start a lasting relationship.

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