I cancelled my membership already

By Katrina | United States
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You can use NO FEATURE but but showing interest before you become a paid member. Can't tell whether a member is active or not. Am not having fun on Matchmaker.com it does not offer anything truly unique for the online daters.

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April 10th,2012 at 1:39 AM
By Entardo | Macao (Macau)
Matchmaker Lyrics, Fiddler on the RoofHodel:Well, somebody has to ranarge the matches,Young people can't decide these things themselves.Chava:She might bring someone wonderful -Hodel:Someone interesting -Chava:And well off -Hodel:And important Matchmaker, Matchmaker,Make me a match,Find me a find,catch me a catchMatchmaker, MatchmakerLook through your book,And make me a perfect matchChava:Matchmaker, Matchmaker,I'll bring the veil,You bring the groom,Slender and pale.Bring me a ring for I'm longing to be,The envy of all I see.Hodel:For Papa,Make him a scholar.Chava:For mama,Make him rich as a king.Chava and Hodel:For me, well,I wouldn't hollerIf he were as handsome as anything.Matchmaker, Matchmaker,Make me a match,Find me a find,Catch me a catch,Night after night in the dark I'm aloneSo find me match,Of my own.(spoken)Tzeitel:Since when are you in a match, Chava? I thought you had your eye on your books.(Hodel chuckles)Tzeitel con't:And you have your eye on the Rabbi's son.Hodel:Well, why not?We have only one Rabbi and he has only one son.Why shouldn't I want the best?Tzeitel:Because you're a girl from a poor family.So whatever Yenta brings, you'll take, right?Of course right!(throws scarf over her head, imitating Yenta)(singing)Hodel, oh Hodel,Have I made a match for you!He's handsome, he's young!Alright, he's 62.But he's a nice man, a good catch, true?True.I promise you'll be happy,And even if you're not,There's more to life than that Don't ask me what.Chava, I found him.Won't you be a lucky bride!He's handsome, he's tall,That is from side to side.But he's a nice man, a good catch, right?Right.You heard he has a temper.He'll beat you every night,But only when he's sober,So you'll alright.Did you think you'd get a prince?Well I do the best I can.With no dowry, no money, no family backgroundBe glad you got a man!Chava:Matchmaker, Matchmaker,You know that I'mStill very young.Please, take your time.Hodel:Up to this minute,I misunderstoodThat I could get stuck for good.Chava and Hodel:Dear Yenta,See that he's gentleRemember,You were also a bride.It's not thatI'm sentimentalChava and Hodel and Tzeitel:It's just that I'm terrified!Matchmaker, Matchmaker,Plan me no plansI'm in no rushMaybe I've learnedPlaying with matchesA girl can get burnedSo,Bring me no ringGroom me no groomFind me no findCatch me no catchUnless he's a matchless match.
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