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Online since: 2003
Latin Love Search is a unique Latin Dating Site that was designed with many features to help you find your true love online. Its best feature is that it won't cost you a dime. 100% Free Lati...More >>
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By Isamar | United Kingdom        2012-02-08
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he was NOT aware and asked me to call and ccenal the account. I told him he would have to do it so he then said that he forgot the password and will get to it when he remembers. I decided to do a search on him and found out that he is under a different username, and last logged in on 10/11/08.How should I handle this?……More>>
By celta | Switzerland        2011-04-01
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I have an unpleasant experience on this site, but it's free. It's unreasonable to criticize it to much. But I advice all people seeking online dating should be careful of dating scam. Off line dating is more reliable.……More>>
By bella E | United States        2011-03-24
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LatinLoveSearch is interesting. Members can vote the pictures uploaded by others. Maybe No.1 person would get the secret gift by the site. It seems most dating sites do not like to hold activities. So dull. And by the way, I have picture on LatinLoveSearch. Everybody come to vote me :P……More>>
sets a good example
By Vid | United States        2011-03-15
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I think Latinlovesearch sets a good example to all dating sites. First, it's totally free. Of course it's reasonable to require member fee as operating money. But some dating sites are too greedy. Secondly, the staff of Latinlovesearch are sincere. Not like others', just cheating.……More>>
Annoying ad
By Jan | Australia        2011-03-04
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Yes, it's 100% free and I agree most reviewers' idea that the members' profiles are carefully verified by the staff of LatinLoveSearch. But has anyone noticed the site puts too many ads? How annoying! I always see some ads scatter here and there.……More>>
By Sue | United States        2011-02-25
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I joined this site weeks ago but I don't think it's suitable for me. Unluckily, the men I chatted on this site are rude. All of them seem not serious. after all,
It's free dating site.People should not expect getting too much from free things. Maybe I should buy a membership from another dating site.……More>>
Highly recommend
By bubble bubble | Denmark        2011-02-23
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Among so many free dating sites in the internet, enjoys great public praise as far as I know. Though it's 100% free, all profiles are carefully verified by their staff before posting as active.I have been a member of it for a long time and I am satisfied with their service. No game no play.……More>>
100% free dating site
By Alex | United States        2011-02-18
Rating on : is a 100% free dating site rarely seen in the internet! Certainly it's a good bonus to all who want to seek a partner online. But What about its functions? I worry about's user experience because everybody knows "No pay no gain". After all, I will have a try.……More>>
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