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By Jacob | United States
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I have been Thailand twice, Thai women are much more beautiful, most of them are shy with soft smiles, believe me, you cannot find it on those western women's faces LOLLLLLLLLLL
No member fee on Thaimatches, but have to pay for letters and livechat. At least am sure those profiles on Thaimatches are real, coz I browse and check the video profiles for free, before I pay. I HATE SCAMS ON DATING SITES, SO I PREFER TO CHOOSE REAL ONE EVEN THOUGH I HAVE TO PAY A BIT.

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February 23rd,2011 at 9:12 AM
By Rhett | Australia
Hey buddy am interested in Thai girls too!!!! pattaya girls are the hottest! can i find some on this site????????
February 28th,2011 at 2:00 AM
By Shaun | United States
Yep Rhett, you can try Thaimatches, I have been there for serious relationship. I met Areva finally, a very pretty Thai girl with good heart. We chatted for months and found we were exactly the one for each other. I will go to meet her in May. Good luck to me.
March 19th,2011 at 10:14 AM
By Thai fixated | United States
I was going to be in Bangkok anyhow so I tried the site. Two months later and 100 dollars worth of e-mails I met the girl who was every bit as cute as the picture. Not a bargirl at all. Class act. No sad song about needing money for grandma although I could see that she was sending her money back home to a poorer part of Thailand. She was with me almost every waking hour when she was not at work. i checked out her workplace. She was more legitimate than me! We decided we were not marriage materrial. No bad feelings. Good experience for both of us. She did not demand expensive dates and like I said was with me almost all the time. Could not ask for a nicer companion/tour guide. The site can seem a little squirrely and beware as it is a Chinese run business after all. In all honesty I have to say that Thaimatches delivered in my case. The girl was first rate first class. I wish her nothing but the best. Good luck Shaun. And yes Rhett, Pattaya is a fun place too! Rhett,you like Soi 4 off of Satanee Nana? Or is that for lightweights you wanker?.
March 26th,2011 at 8:24 AM
By JayR | Australia
Mmmmm. i'm not too sure about this thaimatches.co website. The written emails you get back cost $5 to look at and seem to be written to some formula. Are they real girls or are they in on the deal? I'm still very unconvinced about this site and probably prefer Thailovelinks
July 30th,2011 at 8:31 PM
By bryan | Australia
I used this site for about 4 months to talk to one girl. initially I thought it would be for about a month as I was intending on going to thailand for a holiday. Unfortunately my holiday kept on getting pushed out so I spent a lot longer on the web site than I had hoped. I did some research before using the site about their sister site chnlove and from what I could gather the problem seemed to be with the local agencies not the actually web site. Not being a fan of chinese people in general I hoped that the thai agencies would not be as bad. However as the emails continued I noticed a lot of similarities between the emails I was receiving and other people who had used chnlove. I was unable to find any review on thaimatches before I started. There was a lot of long winded emails about life and love and cheating and comparisons to movies etc.. that were so well worded the girl I was communicating with must have been studying english literature at Oxford university. Stupidly I continued even though I knew in the back of my mind it was a scam (a back injury had crushed my spirt and I was holding onto anything that might cheer me up...)
Anyway, I finally got to go to bangkok so I sent her my hotel details. She said she would call the hotel and if I could get a local sim card. When I arrived I bought a sim card and sent it to her through thaimatches, which ironically used up my last credit. Surprisingly she never called.
Also, before I went to thailand I set up a second fake profile and sent her a 'poke'. She responded with a letter which was word for word identical to the letter she had sent to my real profile 4 months previously.
I don't doubt that the girls are real but I think there is probably one or two guys who are actually communicating with them and 100 who are being scammed with fake letters.
I am now using a site called thailovelinks. There is no agency in between and the girls are definitely real as I have become friends with some of them on facebook. They chat to you on msn and while some of them do not have a lot of english there is enough girls that you can find one.
But be warned, at the start when I was using the site I did not get a lot of attention so I started sending out a lot of emails to girls. Now I have too many and can't be bothered talking to half of them!!!! The site does charge but it works out at $20 dollars a month. I bought 3 months worth of credit which seems to be about enough.
I will be going via thailand in october so I'll stop off for a week or two and see what happen this time.
August 9th,2011 at 7:12 AM
By Philip | United Kingdom
That's weird - i've seen posts with similar content to this one but posted using a different name :S anyway, i'm sorry it didn't work out for you man - it's probably just bad luck. Have you tried contacting the agency or thaimatches to find out the truth, to find out what's going on? They're actually quite helpful and can assist you in all sorts of problems. What's the lady's name? See if i've come across her cos i've been in a similar situation, and it'll prevent others from falling for the same trap. I've used thailovelinks before too, and they have tons of fake profiles. Even if they're real, the ladies just play you. Believe me, the problems you get with thaimatches is nothing compared to thailovelinks. Besides, i'm not a big fan of pay-monthly sites anyway - you waste time chatting to too many women.
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