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Chnlove is one of the biggest and most popular dating sites which allows Western men to seek Chinese woman as lifelong partner. Its best all-inclusive solutions to cross-cultural relationshi...More >>
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By Stella | Canada        2013-05-29
Rating on Chnlove :      
i want to join this website,hoping that a can find a better guy for single,29 years old.willing to listen,to talk regarding in any topics you wanted.……More>>
By Stella | Canada        2013-05-29
Rating on Chnlove :      
Hello,Im Stella,I join this website,because i'm so interested,and i'm searching for a right person.I'm my age,i want a man who deserved my love,to listen my thoughts,shared the moments together.So,im hoping through this i hope you are there,waiting for me to know more about us,thank you.……More>>
By Stella Siman | Canada        2013-05-29
Rating on Chnlove :      
Hi,I would like to join this dating site,to know more what is the purpose of a real love.So, i'm hoping that one of this day,i can find a better person,who deserve my love.thank you.……More>>
Good for finding a Chinese beauty
By Robision Louboutin | United States        2012-08-23
Rating on Chnlove :      
I found this website by accident but I have met my lover on this website now,we make date with each other and share the happiness or sorrow together.Really appreciate this website !……More>>
By Geralynn | Moldova        2011-09-13
Rating on Chnlove :      
All of these atricels have saved me a lot of headaches.……More>>
Everything seems OK but Cost a lot
By Mark Philips | United States        2011-07-26
Rating on Chnlove :      
Chinese Ladies are really beautiful and have a god made slim body curve.Compared with the western ladies, they can take care of our men very well.Chnlove realizes my dream of finding a Chinese match. I proposed to meet 3 Chinese ladies in May when I had business trip then and it really worked that agencies of Chnlove impressed me lot of helping me communicate with these lovely ……More>>
Chnlove is not a Scam
By Marsell | United States        2011-03-18
Rating on Chnlove :      
Chnlove is not a Scam as I state. Here is my personal story, a true experience.I had a fantastic experience with Chnlove service,with that I met my lovely and loving Chinese wife.I used their translation service,and after about two years we got on quite well and 1 year later we married. Afterwards, also thanks to their visa service,my wife passed her interview in Guangzhou and ……More>>
Thumb a 5 Stars!
By M.M Jovi | United States        2011-03-10
Rating on Chnlove :      
I have been a member of ChnLove for about 3 years. I wrote to several women, all beautiful,and sometimes i have doubts whether they exist or not.After a long-time searching and communicating, I targeted my dream lady is Amy, who is in Hu Nan,China.
I visited her in last October, we felt in love just as we talked in mail, and I plan to return to China in May to marry her. She i……More>>
Still Trying
By Mc.Donald | United States        2011-02-25
Rating on Chnlove :      
It's a site for us to seek a woman from China. This website is normally good but can not say it is one of the best.The profiles of all women are verified, so it says it is safe and I agree.However,I may have not much time to contact my girls personally.Since the Chinese girls are not good in English and we need the assistance from Agency's translator.
Though i fully enjoy thei……More>>
Invaluable Help
By Steve Perry | New Zealand        2011-02-16
Rating on Chnlove :      
I can't imagine that i can find a Chinese wife in my 50s.I'm a lonely guy before I did search on Chnlove.I know nothing about Chinese language, hence, I started my love searching with doubt and uncertainty.However, it is really fantastic,the translator of Chnlove's agency really really helped me a lot especially at the early periods of our communication.Now I can communicate mo……More>>
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