Flirting Tips for Online Dating

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Flirting is a natural instinct but it is not too hard for us to learn and interpret it in real life. However, sometimes online daters fail to receive or send the flirting signals because we have no power to express our body language via online dating email, MSN or facebook.

So, for online dating, there should be 4 critical points we should remember when interpreting or sending flirting signals:

- Attitude

- Awareness

- Adaptability

- Objective

You should have these points in mind because they are the ultimate points driving you to meet someone on the net.

First Impression

Everyone knows that the first impression is important as it lets others know who you are and whether they would love to be friend with you. So what are these “First Impression” when we meet friends online?

Did you write your own self-description on the profile? Did you post your photos on the site? What do you do in your profile picture ? Perhaps you haven’t started talking to anyone on the net yet, it is possible that these “First Impression” can send a flirting signal to your potential daters. If you try to impress, then you may change these information or photos a little bit. If such change is to impress others, your change can be regarded as a flirting tool. But don’t overdo it! Your change should be sticking to your aim.

Frequency of Message Exchange

Let’s assume that you two have talked. It is not difficult to tell whether he or she is interested in your or not. Do you two chat everyday? Is that frequent? Does the conversation occupy 90% of the total time spent on MSN? If it is the case, it is very possible that you two are very interested to each other and it shows signs of flirting.

What You Talk About

Not only you talk frequently, online flirting really hinges on the conversation itself. You want to attract him or her more, then when you talk, the conversation should be something more about a deeper thought or something interesting. Do you use provocative vocabularies? Are you very interested in using those special emoticons?

Micro Signs

Assumed that he or she is very interested in you but too shy to talk about that, and then try the “Micro Signs” approach – that means ways other than the traditional talking yet can be recognizable. Your blogs, your facebook or other social networking sites can be those little micro signs you and me can observe. You blog and then what you’ve written can be read by everyone. There are applications on facebook showing who view you or stalk you. When you talk, you may mention a bit about what he or she writes in the blog. It can definitely be a good flirting skill.

More obvious actions – ask for a date

Ok, after you chat online for a while, there is something more you can do – ask for a date. This step isn’t easy as there are many factors affecting whether such date is worthy of your time and energy or not. It is especially true for more mature minded daters. If you urgently want a date, it shows signs that you are flirting with him or her already. An invitation for a date can be serious, but it also implies that you behave as if attracted to someone lightly.


There are many other factors you should never forget. Here are some tips:

1. Humor – It is definitely attractive when we are see humor in a person, it doesn’t matter if he or she is attractive or not in her appearance.

2. Simplicity – An upbeat and simple tone definitely attract dates online.

3. Sincerity – Everyone loves to meet someone who is sincere, with no lies.

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February 18th,2011 at 3:26 AM
By Rasik Yogy | Germany
Will you feel embarrassment in the case of having nothing to say in online dating? I do. I am a little introverted and I am hesitated to talk, not even to say flirting.Some dating sites now have game function which can invite each other to play just like community network. In the process of playing, people get familiar with each other. Embarrassment disappeared naturely.
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