Biggest turn-off in the online dating world

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There are certain actions you shouldn’t apply in the online dating world. These actions can be unpleasant to other people and they won’t do you any good at all. So, you should understand these actions and try to avoid them in the future.

1. Staying online whenever wherever

Spend an hour a day looking for dates online sounds reasonable. There are many sites showing your online status, and it is easy for other interested members to view your online status. If you’ve already shown interest to a new friend you both think are matched, please, adjust the time you spend in the online dating world. Or if you have seen someone who is always in the online status mode, you better start exercise your caution and know more about how he or she thinks.

2. Say something bad about your ex

Sharing your horror stories about the past is never a pleasant way to draw new attentions from others. Very often, singles are very eager to go on a date or to find someone new in order to fill the emptiness inside the body and soul. Or perhaps many of them get caught in that downward spiral of having a couple of bad dates. But please, it is too negative. Sharing bad experiences is never a good idea in the first place. You may save it to share them later on.

3. Immaturity

It can come to one of the biggest turn-offs for someone who is more serious about making friends. Nobody would love to put up with someone who is immature. Signs of immaturity include being self-centered, impatient, never listen to others, etc. Do you have these signs of immaturity? Better self-acknowledge them today.

4. The picture doesn’t sound right

A picture can say thousand words. No one would love to see a picture which does not sound appealing. Try to show the best image of yourself. If you have already uploaded one, think twice, and see if they are fine to you or not.

5. Poor communication skills

We first know a person on the dating site by reading words at the profile. If the words are beautifully written up, nice. But we can’t stand to spend more time to interpret some unintelligible writing. Poor communication skills are fatal in the online dating world. So, fine tune it a bit more and understand more about the effective communication skills.

6. No target audience

Why there are so many people burned out in the online dating world? It is largely due to the fact that they set no target audience in their written profile. To avoid problems arising from knowing “too many” daters, you are advised to set your target audience. Make it clear and state who you want to meet.

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February 17th,2011 at 7:42 AM
By John | United States
Online dating world has many similarities with really dating world. No matter which one, we should be cautious of our behavior.Some unappropriate words we say and some unsuitable clothes we wear may make her/him feel strange.One of my friend wore a pair of shoes with rather high-heel to meet her dating friend. But it made the boy feel aggressive because of the shoes.Online dating has many things to be cared too. I agree with the article's piont.
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