5 ways for Impressing a Chinese Girl

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Have you already met a Chinese girl online? Want to impress her? Here are 5 ways of impressing your Chinese girl.

Introduce Her To Your Family

Chinese girls are very family orientated. Even if your own family is not particularly close, it's a good idea to slowly introduce your Chinese girlfriend to your family. Show her photos and videos of your family if you have them. If you have children or you have nieces or nephews then so much the better. Men who are interested in a lady will also tend to open up and begin to introduce her to their family, so a lot of Chinese girl will use this as a clue that you're really interested in them.

Mention Your Country's Stereotypes

It's difficult for single Chinese girls to travel abroad unless they're in a tour group. While increasing numbers of Chinese women travel abroad to study, these ladies are very much in the minority on Chinese dating sites. As well as the travel issue, China is still a relatively closed country. Added to this is the fact that Western people are still rare in China. Some of the Chinese women on dating sites will not even have met a Western man before.

So Chinese girls often have a stereotypical view of Western countries. It's usually OK to play up these stereotypes. So if you're from the UK mention that you like eating fish and chips. And if you've ever seen the Queen or other members of the Royal family this will impress her no end! Whichever country you come from, you'll no doubt know of other things that a Chinese girl may have heard about.

Cakes and Chocolates

If you're lucky enough to visit your lady, then how to impress her in person? One good way is by buying her cakes and chocolates. Japanese ladies find cakes irresistible, and this fascination with cakes is spreading throughout Asia. You'll find every town and city throughout China has a place where you can go and drink tea or coffee and eat cakes.

If you're visiting your lady then it's always a good idea to bring some chocolates from your own country. Chinese girls will love gifts that they can take into her work and share with colleagues. So you can't really go wrong with chocolates.

Learn Some Mandarin Chinese

What better way of showing your Chinese girl that you're serious about her than by attempting to learn her language?

Mandarin Chinese is not as difficult to learn as people say it is. It's easy to learn a few words and phrases that will impress her no end. Learning to write a few Chinese characters is also possible. Send her a hand written card and she will love the effort you've made!

While Chinese characters may look bewildering at first, you'll soon learn to recognise a few. Luckily a few characters occur time and time again, so if you learn the most frequently occurring 100 characters you'll go a long way towards being able to understand Chinese writing. Chinese sentence structure is also extremely simple, and it is much more basic than English.

Keep Your Promises

One of the major problems Chinese girls have when they use a Chinese dating site is the vast numbers of timewasting men on such sites. Although stories of men getting scammed on such sites are common, don't forget that Chinese ladies have to put up with a whole lot of nonsense in their search for their perfect man. It's good to be as honest as you can on dating sites. But the best thing you can do is to keep your promises. If you agree to talk at a certain time, then make sure you're there.

The biggest thing you can do is to make sure you keep the biggest promises. So if you say you'll visit the lady in China soon, then make sure you actually have an intention of doing so. Chinese girls will always keep their options open until you have made a commitment and visited them in person. This is because they usually get loads of letters from guys promising the earth. But out of all the guys registered on Asian dating sites, very few actually make that trip.

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