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Hot Russian Brides
Number of Members: 83,000
Online since: 2003 is an international online service operated by Romantic Tours, Inc. This site is dedicated to facilitating genuine correspondence between Russian women and Western men....More >>
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By Kristine | Switzerland        2012-09-08
Rating on Hot-Russian-Brides :      
she would bring the food. Then she said she would bring a friend. When I piekcd them up, the friend turned out to be a female minister. At the concert, the two ladies unfolded a blanket, waited till I sat down, and then both huddled at the orthogonal corner, tucking their legs beneath them. My date said, "I suppose you have to have some meat." They retained their vegetaria……More>>
By DSak | United States        2012-03-04
Rating on Hot-Russian-Brides :      
This company based out of Tampa, Florida, is a 100% scam !!! This company must be shut down !!! To the people that run The company / website ... Get a job losers !!!

The Better Business Bureau will be contacted ... As well as other agencies ... 3/5/2012 ... These people are scumbags……More>>
By jeery | United States        2011-08-16
Rating on Hot-Russian-Brides :      
I love Russian Women so I want to marry one. So I find this site. The site's domain is Hotrussianbrides. But its home page claims strongly that mail order bride is not their service. How ridiculous!……More>>
By Dan | United States        2011-07-17
Rating on Hot-Russian-Brides :      
Does this site look too good to be true??? You decide: lots of beautiful young women 30 years younger who claim that age and looks don't matter, never a real response to a single question, occasional women who will say what's really going on, computer viruses, etc.
Works like this: you pay your fees, someone else gets paid (very little) to pretend to be interested...
A lawsu……More>>
By HRB | France        2011-04-22
Rating on Hot-Russian-Brides :      
I fall in love with one lady on this site. Every day I write email to her, call her. But later I know there are other members keep communicating with her.So I request the site to hide her profile. And the site do so. That's great!……More>>
Russian bride
By all right | United States        2011-04-15
Rating on Hot-Russian-Brides :      
Do Russian bride becomes Russian leading industry? I hear Russian couple living in poor place prefer to have a daughter rather than son because daughter can "sell a good price". The single man in developed who can not find a local wife is enthusiastic in searching a sexy Russian wife online.So more and more hot Russian women dating sites appear.……More>>
no alternative
By pennk | United States        2011-03-08
Rating on Hot-Russian-Brides :      
So many similar Russian bride dating site scatter here and there! I want to find a Russian bride online, but you see the Internet dating is in a maze! Many sites hire professional chatter to cheat money. I doubt whether there really exist a sincere dating site.……More>>
By Dave | Denmark        2011-03-04
Rating on Hot-Russian-Brides :      
Most Russian girls on dating site come from poor place. They "sold" their profile to dating site just to make money. Many sites hire professional photographer to take photoes of these "charming" girls. Some even hire them to chat western man. Maybe their salary are higher than you!……More>>
By RICH MAN | Canada        2011-02-24
Rating on Hot-Russian-Brides :      
The hot Russian brides on this site really know how to flirt men. Have anyone watched their live video streaming? charming!I don't care how much I pay as long as I find a hot lady.……More>>
poor experience
By hickmen | United Kingdom        2011-02-22
Rating on Hot-Russian-Brides :      
I don't understand how people ever come to join such online dating site. The Russian girls profiles are shared by different dating sites. Probably the girl is dating with serveral men at the same time and you are one of them. I will tell you my real experience. I met a beautiful girl on Hot Russian Brides and sent her photoes to my friends. Out of my suprise, one friend told m……More>>
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