Online Dating Scam

By michelle      2011-04-29

Everyone know that dating scam is a serious problem because it will not only hurt your emotional feelings but will also hurt your finances. If you are interested in online dating, then you should be aware of the Online dating scams.

First of all, Let us see how online dating scammers work step by step:

1. They get hold of a victim.
Because their profile photo is very attractive, they will certainly get a lot of attention from the people from the online dating site. They would just choose from among her admirers and look for a guy that can easily fall prey to online romance.

2. They create a fantasy love story. They make the guy feel special and make him feel that she already has feeling for him. She will call him "babe" or "honey" or even "baby". She will make him feel so loved and cared for. This thought will completely overwhelm the guy thinking that he's very lucky to have a very attractive lady attracted to him. He will definitely give her everything that she would ask for.

3. The scamming begins. After gaining the guy's trust and affection. She will formulate her story of a bad situation that had happened to her or her family. She will get him to feel pity for her so that he will immediately ask for anything that he can help her with. She will them grab the chance of mentioning about the amount that is needed for the situation. It can be a surgery that her father has to undergo or her brother got badly beaten that he has to be hospitalized. Of course the guy will feel pity and give her the money that she needs. After he falls into the trap, there is no stopping yet. She will continue to ask for money using different lies to come up for reasons.

4. The disappearing act. Asking for a lot of money, the lady will slowly lose interest with conversing with the guy. She will start missing sending messages and later on cease to sending one. They will say a lot of reasons for not calling and in the end, change their numbers so that you won't be able to call them.

So, how do you recognise a dating scam?

1. If a fake profile only contains one profile picture, which is unrealistically perfect, then it might be a photograph downloaded from the internet. Ask to see more pictures of the person, if you are unsure.

2. When a very young women contacts an older man, she often harbours financial interests. remain cautious until you are convinced that this is not the case.

3. When a person you know only from the internet asks you for money, something is definitely dodgy about that person. Scammers usually invent stories that make you feel sorry for them, about a sick relative or pet. Alternatively, scammers often say they need money to travel to your home town for a first date.

4. Watch out for strange phone numbers – they could be expensive hotlines – and P.O. Box addresses that don't give a street name. Two sings that the scammer wants to disappear without a trace.

5. Always remember: if something is too good to be true, it probably isn't good or true!

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May 3rd,2011 at 7:53 AM
By Darrel | United States
I don't want to read too much scam complaints about those Chinese dating sites. The only way to figure out is to visit your lady face to face.
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